It’s ok to [Arsen…

It’s ok to [Arsen Khanamiryan] Ekstraklasa (74/100)

The year in 1995. Legia Warszawa have won their 6th title, Aleksander Kwaśniewski is the new Polish President, Miliarder Pniewy are in the Ekstraklasa, and TheRealOllieszsc was born. It was also the year Arsen Khanamiryan arrived in Poland.

Arsen joined Lechia Gdańsk from Armenian club ASS-SKIF Yerevan. During his time with Lechia he was an unspectacular player, making his debut against Amica Wronki, and playing only 5 times for the club. It was his time at Jagiellonia Białystok where his story gets interesting.

Jaga were advised to buy the player from Armenian merchants who lived in Białystok. When Arsen arrived he didn’t have the money available to buy his own kit, so the club took his passport as an insurance policy so that he could pay off the kit and boots provided from his wages. He made his debut against Wisła Kraków, and against all odds scored against them. The club were struggling to find Arsen accommodation in the city, so allowed him to live in the locker room with his wife. He ended up making one more appearance for Jaga, against Peteochemia Płock, before he disappeared. The club wasn’t sure what had happened to Arsen, after all they had his passport, and he shouldn’t have been able leave the country. After examining the locker room they found that he and his wife had stolen a lot of valuable equipment from the club.

It is not known what happened to Arsen after Jagiellonia, but the club are still in possession of his passport. It eventually became knowledge that Arsen arrived in Poland with three different passports.

So what happened to Arsen Khanamiryan? Is he now a merchant still living in Poland and trying to get football clubs to buy shit Armenian players? Is he still living with his wife in a random clubs locker room? Or will the conclusion of his story never be known, and he’ll just be another meme of Polish football?

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